A beautiful woman is a diamond, a good woman is a treasure. Happy 38 women's days!


World no. 38 to you and me. Heroine, the rest today, something I was.


A peaceful, calm, dignified and beautiful young woman, that's you, my wife. I wish you a happy holiday!


You said your bronchitis, originally you are a prospective husbands, today again to 38, wish you laugh today!


You are beautiful, today is you of festival, a day of you you are everything, didn't you all day is you!


I am a cloud you are a gust of wind the wind when is the time we meet! 38 section happiness, baby!


Wife, today is the international working women's day, you also should rest, let me help you look after a day walker?


Because women and beautiful world! Is a small regards, is actually a thick true meaning! A happy holiday!


I to your heart, like a star in the sky. Never change. You are the only one who can give me happiness in the world.


Respect women, because she brought home the light. Woman, in your laughter you have the music of the fountain of life.


Human sea, find you, everything became feeling, from the heart, found the United States, found a fondness for.


The international working women's day arrived, oh, my gosh! Half the sky, when can we have the "husbands festival". Wait!!!!


Women is the world's greatest strength, it is only through her, men may show the full potential of his power.


Is entangled in your tenderness I, is your thoughtfulness in me, that I can't miss you, love you, wife, 38 section happiness.


Busy again for a year, girls holiday wishes. Wish all the sisters, love is sweeter than honey. Very good work, earn more money!


Let me give you a happy 38 section: the wife how are you, I you are a big leadership, that's very kind of women's day, you observe a festival, I labor.


Met you, margin; Love you, is feeling; Fall in love with you, is happiness; Married you, is happy, my dear, 38 section happiness!


Mother, you keep me so big, in the "38" women's day, I want to say a word to you: "mom, you were laborious!"


Diligence the women of the docile, festival happiness! Observe a festival, should rest rest, wish your festival happiness, 38 women's day happiness!


Beauty and charm of the original is two bad things, but not all women have, otherwise, man's life will be less than half now.


Today is you of festival, when you open the phone's first moment, I send to you today's first blessing forever beautiful, beautiful, lovely!


I see you, I'm afraid to get an electric shock; I can't see you, I need to recharge; Without you, I think I will power outages. Wife, happy women's day!


Attractive woman doesn't rely entirely on their beauty, but by their beautiful, including manners, manners, speech, manners, and insight.


The world because of feminine birth, appears particularly beautiful! Is a small regards, is actually a thick true meaning! Happy women's day!


Wife, in this full of "38" women's rights means that during the holiday, you will also need to romantic? Today is march eighth, we go to a beauty!


Wife, you have a good rest today, you want me to do anything, just remember breakfast get up to do breakfast for me tomorrow, hee hee!


Today is you of festival, my wife, morning I will do breakfast for you; Today is you of festival, my wife, evening we still want together romance!


For this precious day I low noble head, I decided to do one day your slave, serve you wholeheartedly, this will be my crowning glory!


I decided to do one day you servants, wholeheartedly for your service, this will be my crowning glory! Long live the international working women's day!


Send you a bouquet of roses, conveyed to rely on it. Delivers you a peach blossom, on which all fortunes. Give you a white lily, one hundred years good and count on it.


Today is the international working women's day, women, together, let us get rid of the trouble, out of their homes, be natural and unrestrained once! Happy 38 women's days!


Teacher, do you remember the university entrance exam that day you gave me a bottle of green tea, to my foot spirit to the test? Today I want to respect you a cup of green tea, say thank you very much.


Let me congratulate you on your holiday, I'll do you to eat. You will one day a year, and the rest I every day is a holiday, a year I have a day off, the rest are you working overtime.


My shoulder is not very perhaps broad, but enough to keep out wind and rain for you; My arm is not very perhaps powerful, but also can help you hold up a piece of blue sky, happy women's day!


"38" festival is coming, warm prompt: the home and everything, fight with teacher didn't want to learn, fight with the boss is don't want to, do not want to fight with the wife to live!

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